REALTYMINDS Blog Latest Products Thu, 28 Sep 2023 09:24:33 +0530 en-us Things To Verify Before Investing In A Individual House Property in Juhu Mumbai Mon, 20 Apr 2020 14:51:16 +0530   Well, the idea of owning an individual house brings in the sense of pride and independence to an individual as well as to good family. A person puts on all his hard earned money, valuable time, and continuous effort to buy a perfect home where he can stay with his family in ultimate peace. However, there are several days which one needs to consider when buying any immovable property like a house. No matter, if you are going in to invest in a flat or an independent house; you need to take balanced thoughts, cautiously checking all the documents and verifying them and checking all other specifications related to the property. Apart from it, before investing in an estate, it is suggested to go through the neighborhood criteria, check for back loan facilities and make sure if the area has excellent communication service, a drainage system, and electricity supply or not. Apart from these points, here, in this article, we will be dealing with some of the other factors which you need to consider when going in for purchasing an individual house for sale in Juhu, Mumbai. • Title Deed Title Deed is a document which outlines the ownership of any property. While buying a house on sale, it is essential to check the title deed and ensure whether the seller has the rights to sell the property or not. A person needs to have the right, title, and the full capacity to sell any property. • Verification of Land Use You need to have a look at the master plan of the city and verify the land use area which your property has as per it. These master plans are easily available at the local government based offices from where you can easily sit and verify the land use area and pay accordingly for your house. • Certificate of Release Well, if you are investing in resale property, it is essential to get the release certificate from the bank. This certificate will signify the point that the loan for the given property has been paid entirely and you can safely invest in it. • Certificate of Encumbrance This is another essential certificate which you need to ensure collecting and verifying. It proves that the land in which you are investing is free from all sorts of legal dues. • Approvals From Local Body Once you have collected all the essential documents and certificates, the next important thing which you need to do getting the layout of the property approved by the development corporation and the other local authorities of the city. • Receipt of Property Tax The revenues of the paid tax are also necessary. It is recommended to collect the tax receipts and verify if the payment of tax for the built-up area of the property is paid or not. You may also check for chances of non-payment and get it done to avoid situations of penalty on account of the property. As buying an individual house for sale in Juhu, Mumbai is a huge task, it is essential to ensure that it is done correctly. Ensure doing a proper background check before investing in a property to avoid cases like fraud or penalty.